Tuesday’s Law and Order: SVU blew

Finally got around to watching SVU on my DVR. The episode started off strong with a taxi driver dropping an AIDS baby off at fire truck. It proceeded downhill from their with underwhelming performances from competent actors, predictable writing, dialogue that I would expect from a B 80s police drama. My left toe could have predicted the course of events. I couldn’t even force myself to have sympathy for the victims or care the principals’ actions. Even the “surprise” ending was trite and predictable. I hope they don’t put this one into rotation on USA. I want the old DA back.


One response to “Tuesday’s Law and Order: SVU blew

  1. So I was thinking, how is it possible that you haven’t seen every episode of this show? So I did a little poking around on wikipedia shows that since 1999 there have been 837 episodes!

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