TVs at the dentist’s office

Today I got my annual teeth cleaning/dental checkup. My dentist’s office (factory?) is quite decked out technologically speaking with all kinds of gadgets and gizmos. One new thing they had this time is TVs in each cubicle. This was oddly distracting as I was more interested in what the survey was saying in Family Feud than what the dentist was saying, and actually found his interruptions quite annoying. But it got me thinking, the TVs were on the wall which are hard to watch when someone is hovering in front of your face with suction tubes and picks and whatnot. Why not put the TV on the overhead light or on the front of the dentist’s glasses shield? It could have a screen on the outside of the glasses for the patient but be one-sided so the dentist could get an unobstructed view of your maw.

Maybe I should patent it.


2 responses to “TVs at the dentist’s office

  1. Did you get to choose what you were seeing? I could imagine some things could literally make your visit a whole lot worse.

  2. true that. It was family feud, pretty inoffensive. Of course the new guy is just annoying but has a normal voice unlike some of the past hosts.

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