Write once, use everywhere

Why can’t I have a single identity on the web? I like the fact that I can log in to Paras’s blog with my gmail account. StackOverflow allows me to use an open id (also provided by Google). But most web sites require separate and duplicate information. I can understand some sites like wizards or boardgamegeek wanting to be their own social platform and so intentionally don’t play nice with each other. But why I do have I once again upload my avatar jpg to evite? I don’t care enough about their service to go through that hassle. Man, would it be nice if it just did it…


One response to “Write once, use everywhere

  1. Yeah, the failure for most of the sites to play nice has made Web 2.0 nothing more than the hottest current social networking site. Then again it is somewhat useful because I want to restrict what some people are aware of and don’t care who sees other stuff… ie facebook is coworker safe but I wouldn’t really want them reading the blog.

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